German School of Tallahassee

Our Founder, Dr. Hans S. Plendl


The German School of Tallahassee was started in 2004 by Dr. Hans Plendl along with other people in the community who wanted a German language resource to be available for young people and adults in the Tallahassee area. Dr. Plendl emigrated to the US from Germany in 1947. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Yale in 1957, and started his career at FSU the same year, where he taught Physics, Astronomy and Humanities courses. He also did research at laboratories and other scientific institutions in America and Europe, and he had friends and colleagues all over the world. Dr. Plendl served as director of the German School from 2004 until his death in 2018. Without the hard work and dedication of Dr. Plendl, there would not be a German School in Tallahassee as we know it today.



The German School Logo

The German Schoo logo is a stylized edelweiss. The flower blooms among the rocks high in the Alps and is a symbol of perseverance and dedication in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.