German School of Tallahassee

Web Resouces


German Language Web Sites


Deutsche Welle Interactive German Lessons  The site has instructional videos, as well as interactive games and lessons. All is free, since it is provided by the German government to promote their language in other countries.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the German language. Includes grammar and vocabulary guides.


Beolingus German-English dictionar. Aservice of the Technische Universität Chemnitz.  German-English dictionary.


Studying in Germany Resources on studying in Germany for students.  A collection of links on the German language as well as comics, music, and games in German.



Web Sites on German-speaking Countries Information on Germany. Includes sections on politics, business and travel.

Deutsche Welle  News and information in German or English. You can also pick from 30 other languages. Includes information on business, politics and culture in Germany and Europe.  Official Austrian web site with wide-ranging information about the country, in English.  Similar information, in German.