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Willkommen zur Web site der Deutschen Schule!

We will not meet on March 10th and March 17th to coincide
wth FSU's Spring Break. Classes will resume on March 24, 2018.

We meet at the Cornerstone Learning Community, 2524 Hartsfield Road in Tallahassee.

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About The School

The German School of Tallahassee is a community-based  non-profit Saturday morning school in its 14th year of operation that:

  • introduces children to another language and culture,
  • gives middle school and high school students practice in a foreign language before they start college or take a trip abroad,
  • enables adults who learned German in college or while living in a German-speaking country to improve their knowledge of the language,
  • Allows new adult students to start at a basic level,

... and lets all participants experience Lernvergnuegen, the pleasure of learning something new and exciting.

To reach these goals, classes with limited enrollments are offered:

  • for preschool and kindergarten age children to acquaint them with the German language or improve their knowledge of it,
  • for German-speaking primary and high school students to improve their reading, writing and grammatical skills,
  • for primary and high school students to learn German from the ground up,
  • for adults and high school students at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Individual instruction is available for participants whose language skills may be above or below those needed for participation in any of the above classes as well as instruction per Skype for participants who live far away or are home-bound.

Classes are taught in a relaxed environment by instructors who are either natives of a German speaking country or who have lived in a German speaking countries, or who are experienced language instructors. In addition to acquiring new language skills, the students also become familiar with the culture and customs of the countries where German is spoken.

Students taking classes in German at the college level can benefit from the extra practice, and the chance to hear and speak German in a relaxed, no-pressure setting.

Directory of Instructors and Board Members

The German School of Tallahassee is accredited by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and is authorized to administer examinations leading to the Deutsche Sprachdiplom (German Language Diploma) at levels A2 to C1.


The school is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Florida. All its income goes to pay for school expenses. To cover those expenses, a tuition of $15 per class hour is charged, $10 for other members of the same family, $10 per class hour for college or graduate school students. There are 2 hours of class each Saturday, with a break in between, so costs are usually $30 or $20 per student each Saturday. There is a one class discount if you pay by semester. No refund for classes missed when paying tuition by semester. Some scholarships and internships are available on request.

Learning Resources

We have some textbooks available for sale for the classes that require them. Students or their parents are asked to order their textbooks on-line, if needed. The textbooks that we use are readily available for reasonable prices from and other on-line booksellers. The instructors will let the students know in class if any textbooks are required. Arrangements can be made for students that don't have textbooks yet.

We have supplementary learning material, fiction and general topic books in German, and books about Germany in English for sale at the school. All proceeds from book sales go to support the school.

Vielen Danke to the students, parents, teachers, staff members, and friends of the the Deutsche Schule
for their time and generosity which help to make the school a success.

Danke to Lucrezia Bieler, an accomplished Swiss artist, and mother of two former students, for designing the school logo.

Note that we use classroom space at the Cornerstone Learning Community, but we are not directly associated with it.

Neuschwanstein Castle in
Fuessen, Bavaria



Alexander Platz
Berlin, Germany


Colleen Dunn, a student in the Conversational German class, modeling the School T-shirt.


For additional  information contact:


The organizers and participants of the German School of Tallahassee acknowledge
the timely assistance offered by the following institutions:

The FSU Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics
The Lutheran Student Center at FSU
The German Language Section of the FSU Faculty and Friends Club
The German School of Atlanta
Goethe Institutes Munich and Atlanta
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Miami
Zentralstelle für das Auslansschulwesen Köln

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