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German Language Web Sites

Beolingus is a translation service of the Technische Universität Chemnitz. 
Enter a German or  English word to get several translations or short
phrases containing the word.  Listen to the pronunciation 
by clicking on the speaker symbol next to the word. 
To find other features to the site, take some time and
explore.  German-English dictionary. Just enter a German or English word in the Search Term box. Note the 3 symbols following the word entered: Press the 1st for grammar information, the 2nd for definition and sample uses, the 3rd for spoken pronunciation.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the German language. Includes grammar and vocabulary guides.

Studying in Germany Resources on studying in Germany for students.  Click on the German Flag for German words for travel, shopping, dining, directions, etc. Click on a word for pronunciation.  A collection of links on the German language as well as comics, music, and games in German.  Type or paste a word or phrase into the box for a free translation between languages by a computer. The computer translations are somewhat crude, but you can also pay for a human translation.

Spalentor in Basel, Switzerland

Web Sites on German-speaking Countries  Information on Germany in English from the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. Includes sections on politics, business and travel (passports, visas, etc.); in English. Similar information in German and also in English and several other languages.
Deutsche Welle  News and information in German or English. You can also pick from 30 other languages. Includes information on business, politics and "Kultur" in Germany and Europe.  Official Austrian web site with wide-ranging information about the country, in English.  Similar information, in German.  Lighthearted information about the country, in English.  Encylopedia-like information about Switzerland, in German.  Information about Liechtenstein in a light vein, in English.  Wide-ranging information, in German.

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