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Courses Offered and Schedule

Classes have ended for Spring Semester 2018.

Ray Hattaway will be offering a Summer conversational German course starting on Saturday, May 12. It will cover the legendary figures Til Eulenspiegel and William Tell as well as other topics of interest. The class is for intermediate or advance speakers of German. For more information, you can contact Ray at

Some of our teachers offer tutoring in German and other languages at different levels.
Send an e-mail to for more info.


Courses Offered In Fall and Spring Semesters

(In parentheses are books used)

Note that all these course may not be offered every semester, or may be combined.
he student or parent is free to choose which level is best for them or their child.

Courses for Children:

Pre-School / Kindergarten 3-5 years

Primary School I, 6-8 years

Primary School II, 9-11 years, for German-speaking children

Primary School II, 9-11 years, for non-German-speaking children

Middle School for German-speaking children

Middle School for non-German-speaking children

Courses for High School Students and Adults:

Basic German (Themen Aktuell 1)

Intermediate German (Themen Aktuell 1 and 2)

Advanced German and Preparation for German Language Diploma Exams
(Themen Aktuell 3; hand-outs)

Students and their instructor, John Woodward
(far right) on a coffee break

German School in Springtime Tallahassee Parade, 2007

Instruction auf Deutsch for the youngest students.

Wir lernen Deutsch mit Lernvergnuegen!

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