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Courses Offered and Schedule

You can register for adult or children's classes on the German School's On-Line Registration Form

Fall 2017 Semester Schedule

Classes meet from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
with a 15-minute break at 11 a.m.

23 First classes; Registration
30 Classes; Registration, cont.

 7  Classes
14 Classes
21 Classes
28 Classes

 4  Classes
11 Classes
18 Classes
25 Classes

Dates and times for German Language Diploma Exams will be announced.

Extra-curricular Activities

There will be additional opportunities to practice German, including
an Oktoberfest on Friday evening, October 6 in the Centre of Tallahassee
and a Children's Lantern Festival on Saturday evening, November 11
at Lake Ella as well as an occasional Lunch auf Deutsch after classes.

Courses Offered In Fall and Spring Semesters
(In parentheses: books used)

Courses for Children:

Pre-School / Kindergarten 3-5 years

Primary School I, 6-8 years

Primary School II, 9-11 years, for German-speaking children (TBA)

Primary School II, 9-11 years, for non-German-speaking children (TBA)

Middle School for German-speaking children (TBA)

Middle School for non-German-speaking children (TBA)

Courses for High School Students and Adults:

Essential German for Tourists (hand-outs)

Basic German (Themen Aktuell 1)

Intermediate German I (Themen Aktuell 1 and 2)

Intermediate German II (Themen Aktuell 2 and3)

German Conversation (Themen Aktuell 3; hand-outs)

Preparation for German Language Diploma exams
(Themen Aktuell 3; hand-outs)

During the Fall and Spring Semesters, the high school and adult courses are offered on demand also on weekday evenings.

Instruction over the internet through Skype is available for students who live far away or are home-bound.

During the six-week Summer Semester from Mid-May to late June, some courses are offered on demand, including a six-week conversational course for adults and high school students and a two-week Monday-to-Friday-Morning Summer Language Camp for children.

Students and their instructor, John Woodward
(far right) on a coffee break

German School in Springtime Tallahassee Parade, 2007

Instruction auf Deutsch for the youngest students.

Wir lernen Deutsch mit Lernvergnuegen!

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